Barents Invasive Alien Species

Maa- ja kotitalousnaisten Keskus ry


Strengthening the management of invasive alien species and related competence in the Barents region in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

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Controlling invasive alien plants in the Barents Region

Rural Women's Advisory Centre together with WWF Finland carry out the work with invasive alien plants (5/2023-12/2024).

The targeted plant species of the project are

• garden lupin

• Nootka lupin

• three species of alien hogweeds (Sosnowsky’s hogweed, Persian hogweed, and Giant hogweed).

The project will produce communication materials such as guides and videos describing best practices in controlling invasive alien plant species. Webinars and trainings will be organized to both citizens as well as local and municipality operators. 

Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

Coordinating party: Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Ministry responsible: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

More information about the project: