Rural Women's Advisory Organization

Maa- ja kotitalousnaiset, Women's Rural Advisory Organization is a nationwide expert organization in food, nutrition, entrepreneurship, rural landscape, and environment, in addition to being an extensive women's network in the rural areas.

Our aim is to promote lively, active, and equal communities and strengthen women's role in the communities.

Our mission is to provide people with concrete tools for the increased interest in local food and its cultivation, biodiversity, and sustainability. Multifaceted utilization of digitalization and the promotion of digital solutions in our communities is capitalized in our services.

MKN sailonta kuva Timo Viljakainen

We have almost 70 professionals in various fields of expertise in nine regional centres. The foundation of our Organization is the group of nearly 25,000 members in over 900 associations at local level. The Organization is building a sustainable, competent, committed, and participating society with active citizens. We approach actions from a rural perspective, without forgetting cities’ views.