Rural Women's Advisory Organization

Maa- ja kotitalousnaiset, Rural Women's Advisory Organization is a nationwide expert organization in food, nutrition, entrepreneurship, rural landscape, and environment, in addition to being an extensive women's network in the rural areas. 

Our aim is to promote lively, active, and equal communities and strengthen women's role in the communities. We approach actions from a rural perspective, without forgetting cities’ views.

Our mission is to provide people with concrete tools for the increased interest in local food and its cultivation, biodiversity, and sustainability. 


Rural Women's Advisory Centre is the national central association. Our nine regional centers are spread out throughout the whole country. We employ 70 professionals in various fields of expertise.

The foundation of our Organization is the group of nearly 23 000 members in over 900 associations at local level. Our organization is one of the largest women's organizations in Finland.

Rural areas are perceived as a vital part of Finland’s success and the increased vigor of rural areas is preferred. Rural Women's Advisory Organization’s vision 2025; Finland of dreams: Tasty, diverse, enduring, and vigorous, is now closer to being reality than ever.

The four main themes of our Strategy

Heroic stories of Finnish food

We promote Finnish culture and gastronomy with its tastes, events, and regional attractions. We highlight local producers and stories. We contribute to the emergence of heroic stories of Finnish gastronomy and increase the appreciation of Finnish ingredients and local producers.

A climate-friendly and sustainable society

Consumers of all ages learn to carry out various climate acts and to do small as well as big deeds for the benefit of nature. Our customers are coached and receive ideas on responsible development of activities, utilization of digitalisation and for instance diminishing food waste.

Diverse nature

We also highlight the importance of actively promoting biodiversity in both rural and urban areas. We implement research data. Through research, we study the state of biodiversity and promote diversity through management plans and measures together with landowners, municipalities and cities, associations, and businesses. The strength of our work and methods is the participatory process, where landowners and residents are an integral and active part of the different phases of projects.

Inviting Finland

We bring out the topics of pride, themes, specialities, history, stories, cultural environment in a rural and provincial context. We strengthen the attractiveness of rural and provincial regions and develop the attractiveness of local businesses productizing domestic routes and local specialities. We raise public awareness of the values and opportunities of the cultural environment, valuable landscapes, local cultural heritage, and we promote sustainable entrepreneurship based on these sincere values.