Tuuli Mäkinen

Tuuli makinen kainuu netti

Environmental advisor, MKN landscape management services

ProAgria Itä-Suomi

Kauppakatu 25 A, 4.krs
87100 Kajaani

I work as an environmental specialist at MKN Landscape Services in ProAgria Eastern Finland, mainly in the Kainuu region. As an expert in Neuvo environmental advisory services, I carry out landscape and nature surveys: for example, surveys of invasive species according to the customer's needs. As an expert in local environmental projects, my goal is to increase awareness and expertise in habitat restoration and to plan concrete measures in cooperation with local residents. I am a certified natural products advisor in the identification and use of mushrooms, wild herbs and other wild food resources. I also teach interdisciplinary courses in climate change at University of Jyväskylä.