The best local to your tables

ProAgria Itä-Suomi, ProAgria Oulu

In the "Best local to your tables" project, the regions of Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia collaborate to strengthen the food sector, increase information dissemination, promote cross-regional cooperation, and enhance international growth.



  1. To increase cross-regional cooperation in the food sector between Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia and to promote collaboration between regional projects. To participate in the development of regional plans for the future development of the food sector.
  2. To ensure that food sector companies, restaurants, professional kitchens, and retail operators can effectively utilize the opportunities of the European Capital of Culture 2026 year and to ensure that raw materials and food products from Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu are included in the selection of professional kitchens and stores.
  3. To intensify collaboration with international actors at Nordic and EU level.

The target group of the project includes food producers and processors, as well as public and private professional kitchens (restaurants and large-scale kitchens) and retail operators. Indirect target groups are stakeholders in the food chain, buyers, customers, consumers, and especially tourism operators. Cooperation is conducted with various development organizations, municipalities, and national networks.

Main implementers: Rural Women’s Advisory Organization of Oulu (ProAgria Oulu ry) and Rural Women’s Advisory Organization of Eastern Finland (ProAgria Eastern Finland ry)

Operational area: The regions of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, conducting cross-regional networking and information work with other regions as well.

The Arctic Food Lab network brings together food and food industry companies and development entities from Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, and Lapland. The Rural Women’s Advisory Organization of Oulu is one of the core group actors in the Arctic Food Lab network. Learn more from the Oulu2026 Capital of Culture program section and join the network: (