Increasing the internationalisation capacity of the food chain in North Ostrobothnia

ProAgria Oulu


The project promoted the internationalisation capacity of the North Ostrobothnian food chain in the Oulu region of Finland.

Hillo kuva Timo Viljakainen

The direct target and actor group of the project were experts from the advisory organisation of ProAgria Oulu and the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation (MKN). Through networking, the indirect target group was other actors and organisations in the food chain.

The project identified and explored international networks and cooperation platforms. It also benchmarked models and areas that work. The project identified key funding channels for food chain development and potential partnerships. The project provided a tool for connecting to key networks and acting as an active development partner.

Thanks to the project, many key networks were identified. The know-how to work in networks and the capacity to support the internationalisation of enterprises was increased.

The project was funded by the Council of Oulu Region.

Council of Oulu Region